In response to the scriptural exhortations to pray for others (Matt 5:44, James 5: 16, 1 Tim 2:1, etc.) this list is distributed to the members & friends of St. John of Damascus Orthodox Church for inclusion in their personal intercessory prayers as well as for use during services.
To include someone on the prayer list send email the first and last name of the person to be included on the list (full Christian names, not nick names), a few words indicating why we are praying for them, and any important date(s) involved (i.e. date of surgery, anniversary of repose, celebration, etc.) to with the words “Prayer List” in the subject line.
People will remain on the prayer list for the week leading up to their celebration, the period of time leading up to the dates included, or 1 month unless their name is resubmitted.



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